Securing the best staff for you

Securing the best workplace for you


Kennedy Access Texas is the Texas Agency of Kennedy Access Group. Kennedy Access is a staffing, recruiting, and USA immigration processing company specialized for EB3 (unskilled employment based green card). You and your family can obtain a USA Green Card through one of our partner companies' sponsorship! You can also receive ESL education services and Settlement & relocation services when you go through our EB3 process with an employment!


Obtain your green card. 


You and your family can obtain a green card through a company’s sponsorship!


We will do our best to help you achieve Your American Dream.


Kennedy Access is the biggest immigration(to USA) specialized staffing company especially work for EB3 (unskilled employment based visa) program.

We have been serving people with various backgrounds from all around the world who want to achieve American dream with our unbeatable services for more than 25 years. 

Kennedy Access currently work with 14 sponsoring companies (poultry/ham/sausage processing, industrial factories, warehouse, etc.) in 17 different locations in the U.S.

We provide the entire service of EB3 process and filing until you receive a green card in your hands in the legal & safe way.

Kennedy Access Texas Branch is located in Dallas.

Please contact us for more information.

  • To guide those who want to have USA green cards through to EB3 employment based program 

  • To bridge/staff international workers to green card-sponsoring companies in USA

  • To provide all the necessary works for consulting the clients and the procedure of filing documents to the USA governments (the government of labor & USCIS) for every step for the clients to achieve their dreams of being permanent residents of USA

  • To educate those who are moving to the States with ESL(English as a Second Language) in advance of starting working for a US company

  • To help those who are moving to a new location for work for settling down well with KAG provided relocation & settlement services

  • EB3 unskilled based Green card processing

  • Staffing and recruiting for employment

  • ESL education

  • Relocation and settlement services

  • Consulting for USA immigration